Saturday, August 18, 2007

Outfits of the Week, August 18/07

Here are a few outfits to enjoy over the weekend!

Get ready to say goodbye to babydolls, formfitting styles are on their way back in. Think 90's Linda Evangelista, minus the stilleto heels. Try some cute flats or slouchy boots instead. Go ahead, do a Google search on "bod con", I dare you!
Knit halter by Majolie (Montreal), tunic top worn as high waisted skirt by Poisson (Toronto), vintage yellow snakeskin belt, black/gold fish necklace by Charcoal Designs (USA)

For a totally different look, but equally as cute, 60's style mod dress by Marmalade (Toronto), vintage enameled charm necklace by Poster Child Industries (Montreal).

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