Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back from Europe

Hi friends!

You may have noticed the blogging was a little light over the last week. Well, I was in Europe for work, covering London, Rome and Stockholm in one week! I'll try to post a few pics later this week. I arrived back in Montreal on Friday, then we were off to Ottawa early Saturday morning for the Ladyfest Craft sale. Tyson and I travelled with Elaine Ho from Roadkill (and her man Aaron) and Marc Simard from Broundoor, tightly packed with all our goods into a rental van. Yay for mini roadtrips!

The necklaces above are a new design Tyson and I worked on together. We dyed and varnished thin slices of Spruce, Poplar and Apple tree from my parents backyard and then gave them the high gloss Tyson finish. I added a little charm to each necklace, and ta-da our new design is ready. A lot of the charms are vintage, so each necklace is a little different. We now have them down at the store, and we also left a few behind with our friends at Victoire boutique in Ottawa.

There ended up being a whole crew of Montrealers heading out to Ladyfest (Yana from Supayana, Clayton from Complex Geometries, Serah-Marie from Worn Fashion Journal, Dana from Damned Dollies, and the ladies from Pin Pals) A big thanks to all the Ladyfest organizers and especially Regine and Katie from Victoire boutique in Ottawa. Hardworking girls who manage to remain constantly stylish, we love it!

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