Thursday, September 27, 2007

Squares Upon Square

Wow, this weather is really shitty. You're probably thinking "it had better be nice tomorrow, 'cause it's Friday and I really want to go see the 'Squares Upon Square' show"

Well, at least that's what I'm thinking....

"Squares Upon Square" is a textile based art show of works by the wonderful Serah-Marie from Worn Fashion Journal. This girl is constantly supporting the various artists, designers and writers from our fair city and beyond, so I think it's only appropriate that we get out there and support her ourselves in her first solo artistic venture.

As someone who studied textile arts as part of my fashion degree, I'm super excited to see this show, which Serah-Marie described to me as "patchworked and embroidered works...oh, and maybe a little crochet too." So nice to see techniques too often referred to only as "craft" brought up to the lofty status of "art". (even though I still like to call things craft, the word has great memories and only positive connotations for me)

Wooden Apples is located at 5319 Parc, between Fairmont and St.Viateur and they are open Tuesday thru Sunday.

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