Monday, September 10, 2007


So, alot of us are slowly recovering from an amazing weekend at the 2nd Osheaga music festival. It was an amazing time full of free booze, kick ass music & art and good friends.
YPF-ers Milena, Emily and Neil (on his way down the dark whisky path, never to return).

Toronto's hardcore heart-throbs "Fucked Up".
One of the best shows at the festival.

Cutie-pies Jen, Krissy & Emily.

For some reason I always thought "Panthers" were some weird 70's pussy rock band (like the Kings of Leon...yuck). But guess what. They are not and to my great surprise, they kicked my ass!


Miracle Fortress featuring the YPF's monsters. After the set he mentioned that the YPF was OK with it if people wanted to steal the monsters they created.........

2 seconds later, almost every piece was taken.

Marc & Kevin Simard from "Broundoor"

Spencil and Little Miss Moss

Holy fuck, I'm looking in two different directions. Yeesh!

Awesome people's club founders, Tristan & Michelle.

Yes, we did get golfcarts but I don't know if anyone really took advantage of it.

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