Friday, September 07, 2007

Fun is fun!

In case you didn't know, fun is fun! So, if you're coming to Osheaga this weekend be sure to check out friends of HQ "The YPF's" art instalation "Weirdos in the Woods". Approximately 20 cut outs of strange creatures and weird monsters by 15 different artists are spread throughout the park as part of the Osheaga music festival art project. And also be sure to say hello to Marc Simard the man behind "Broundoor" who will be selling his recycled leather belts, wallets, books and passport holders. Awesome!

Yana's Russian Nesting Doll....... of unmentionable horror!

Neil spent so much time on the golf cart, I wouldn't be surprised if he started to get his mail there!

Sexy time!

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Anonymous said...

that's like the worst picture of me ever. are you trying to punish me for something? Take it off the blog. It's ruining your blog and my life. hurricane.