Thursday, September 27, 2007

Majolie for Fall

We just received beautiful new sweaters from Lysanne Latulippe, creator of Majolie (her womens line) and Fred (her mens line). I still can't get over how awesome Lysannes name is, sheesh.

This is our first time carrying a few of the mens sweaters, and they are so wonderful. With the perfect amount of graphics, great colours and a slim yet not overtight fit, they seem to be the perfect winter investment for stylish yet not flashy guys (well, not flashy except for the obvious camera flash in the pic, which I love by the way)

All of the Majolie sweaters are made of super high quality wool and wool blend yarns, and each special design is created by Lysanne, who then goes through the incredible task of programming each complicated design into her vintage computerized knitting machine, which she then uses to make the sweaters right here in her studio in Montreal.

With the help of a few speedy sewers she assembles all the knit panels, and a beautiful sweater is born. This is complicated stuff folks, each piece really is a little work of art. Congrats on another beautiful season Lysanne!

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