Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dudes gone wild!

Well Angie is off in Europe for the week so it looks like I'll once again have to pick up the slack and do some outstanding blogging while she's gone. (It's also going to be a full week of beer and nacho dinners, flatulence, poor hygiene and going to the bathroom with the door open... ahh, freedom!) And to celebrate my escape (although very brief) from my ladies sharp talons, I'd like to let all the guys know about the new stuff we got in for the Fall season, just for them.

We got all these awesome hats from Brixton which are $44.00 each (except for the top photo which is $68.) I love these.
More Than A Friend's new t-shirt series "Necromantic" $40. each

Angie took the camera with her so I can't show you pictures of the new t-shirts and hoodies from Paul Graham, the new luggage and men's totes from FSU or the Kick It Fashion hoodies. So, I suppose you'll have to come down and see for yourself.... and have a beer with me while you're at it, I suppose.

Also, keep an eye out for new men's recycled bags, wallets and cuffs from Broundoor which we will be getting soon.

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