Friday, September 14, 2007

Threadless Opens Shop in Chicago!

Many of you may be familiar with the Threadless shirts that we carry at HQ and the awesome concept behind it. Basically artists submit their designs to Threadless, who then posts them online, and all you people out there log in and vote for your favorites, then Threadless prints the designs with the most votes, and pays the artist for their work. It's a win-win-win situation! Threadless knows that their making stuff that people will actually buy, the artist gets $ for their work and gets their work out into the world, and the customer gets to pick what clothes are being made for them....genius!

Now the folks at Threadless have joined the world of retail, here's the info RE their new store which just opened in Chicago:

"When Threadless started back in late 2000, it has only existed online. Well, in September 2007, that has changed! Starting in our hometown of Chicago, we've opened our first-ever official Threadless STORE! Amazing! Why a store? A zillion reasons. Most of them revolve around ideas we come up with for giving back to the Threadless community and not having the staff, resources, venue or time to make happen. Ideas like teaching design classes, hosting galleries with Threadless artist's work, having real-world group critiques and other various events. Another big reason has to do more with our product. We've been quite selective with which shops carry Threadless product and have even turned down some big-box retailers. Our reason for doing so is twofold. First, our product line changes every week and most retailers are not equipped to handle change that fast. Second, the story behind each of our products and who creates them, how they are created, scored and selected for print often gets lost in a traditional retail environment. Our tees lose some of their specialness and become just another tee on the shelf. So, here it is! Stop on by, learn something, get inspired and enjoy the art of Threadless with us!"

One of the reasons we loved Threadless since the beginning is that we feel they are in the same frame of mind as us; give to the artists and the community, and it will give back. Way to go Threadless for sticking to your guns and doing it right!

Read more about the various features of the new Threadless store:
- New Tees Every Friday
- Learn Something Upstairs in the Gallery
- Reusable Bag Coupons
- Weekly Mashup Store Window Paintings
- Arzie13 and Glennz Store Launch Tee

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