Friday, December 28, 2007

Exciting news for those with relatives who gave them $ for Christmas!

This dress would be beautiful for New Years, yet not so formal
that you'd never wear it again. If I didn't already have my dress,
this is what I'd be going for.
We have it in Black, Navy and a dark bronzy brown colour.

Hey all you lucky people who got $$ for Xmas (likely anyone between the ages of 14 and 30 is in this category) now you're all double lucky 'cause we just got messages from both Valerie Dumaine and the ladies at Soi Disant, their fall stock is going on sale!

All items in the Valerie Dumaine collection are 20-25% off and all items in the Soi Disant collection are a whopping 40% off! Yikes!

Hurry down while your sizes are still in stock. If you're looking for something for New Years, Valerie makes some STUNNING dresses and cute little jackets, or if you're going a bit more casual but still want something fun and new go for the Soi Disant stuff. They have a great selection of cute little tops to add something new to your favorite pair of jeans.

So much of the snow has melted that it's easy to get around now, let's enjoy the warm spell while it last and get outside (and then go back inside to shop... heh)

Soi Disant

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