Friday, December 28, 2007

My Favorite Mirrors (and coasters too!)

Mirror by The Black Apple

I am soooo excited to get this order of My Favorite Mirrors in, finally I can get one for myself! I wasn't "allowed" to before Christmas, but now I'm going to pick out my own special mirror to keep in my purse. No more eyelashes poking me in the retina on the metro! Yay!

Mirror by Jill Bliss

Mirror by Eleanor Grosch

As usual we picked up a few of the old favorites, but also grabbed a whole junk load of new designs, as well as the latest thing from MFM, coaster sets! We had a few for Christmas, and they flew out the door, so if you were sad to miss them or they were one of those gifts you really wanted to keep for yourself but had to give away, we're fully reloaded.

Coasters by Jill Bliss

Coasters by BoyGirlParty


AlicePleasance said...

Really beautiful finds indeed!
You have a nice blog, so happy I found it (I saw the link on Flickr, Wardrobe Remix forum).
Your boutique too seems wonderful!
Ciao and new year wishes from Italy!

Angie & Tyson said...

Thanks alicpleasance, I just check out your blog, it looks great too, will have to add it to my bookmarks.

Thanks for the comments!