Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gift Certificates at HQ!

Another thing I forgot to mention, I made these really special, beautiful Christmas Gift Certificates for HQ! Our old gift certificates were just a simple bill type thing, but the new gift cards are chocolate brown oval shaped with a scalloped edge, with nice a nice white oval full of text telling the receiver how you think their taste is so refined that they would be much happier choosing their own gift.

So true. If you have a friend with really great taste, just get them a nice gift card and a bottle of wine/box of chocolates and call it a day. Especially when it's a gift card for a special little boutique, so much better than Futureshop/HMV/insert annoyingly crowded store here.

It comes in a nice lime green envelope (but not too limey/bright, it's like the HQ branding green, and some of the walls at HQ, get it). French on one side, English on the other for all your Montreal friends!

OK that's it, I hope I haven't forgotten anything else...

I may have left the iron on. I think that's it.

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