Thursday, December 13, 2007

Souk@SAT starts tonight!

Tonight is the first night of Souk@SAT, the friends and family night. It's a little get together to congratulate all the artists/designers who've been working so hard getting ready. And man, have we been feeling this one. All the new designs we've been working on coupled with a new puppy to take care of have been tough, but now the day is finally here and the fun begins.

We love seeing all the other beautiful things that everyone has been working on, and the special new things they've designed just for the show (Marc Simard of Broundoor has started working with inks to colour designs into the leather, so great!)

A lot of our HQ family will be there, as well as sooooo many other great artisans, check out the full list on the souk site (with links to all the websites):

Some of the HQ artisans who will be there are:

Complex Geometries
Mimi Traillette
Paul Graham

Oh did we mention there's a full bar at the event, so you can grab a beer or a wine while you shop? Wonderful!

And if you aren't able to stop by the Souk, but still want to pick something up at HQ, don't panic, we'll still be open on Friday (the lovely Jen Storey will be taking care of the shop) and Saturday (I will be at the sale, Tyson will be at the shop)

Hope to see you all this weekend!

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