Friday, December 07, 2007

It's Probably Worth More Than That part deux

Believe it or not, this is the only picture I took at the opening for "I.P.W.M.T.T.II" It was a pretty busy day........ Any-hoo here are some pictures of the work. I didn't post everything due to poor photo quality etc. and some of the pieces sold before I got a chance to take a picture. Remember, anything bought from this exhibition can be taken home when it's purchased so it can be home in time for Christmas. Art is a better present than socks, right?
Utility Grade by Garrett van Winkle $50.

Mama Duck by Garrett van Winkle $50.

Snake Bus by Garrett van Winkle $50.

Parade Day II by Garrett van Winkle $50.

Parade Day I by Garrett van Winkle $50.

Banana Tree by Garrett van Winkle $50.

Various Untitled by Scott Harber. $100. each.

Various painted metal boxes by Quebec's Pishier $30. each

Untitled paper dolls by Sara Guidon$100. each

The Bear, The Girl & The Bunny by Mimi Traillette $40. each

9 & 1 by James Scorpion Dagger Kerr $35. & $20.

Portrait of a Dingle by Josh Taylor $100.

Limited edition print and book set by Josh Taylor
$100. each

These things are awesome and we only have 2!

Hilltop by Sarah Taylor $40.

print by Eric Braun $100.

Untitled print by Neil Doshi $100.

You Can't Be An Orphan At 100 Years old by Benjamin Deshaise $75.

The Man Who's Arms Exploded by Benjamin Deshaise $50.

Mushrooms Are My Friend by Aya Kakeda $50.

Chicken For Dinner by Aya Kakeda $45.

I love Cave Seals by Aya Kakeda $40
Acorns Are Mad At Me by Aya Kakeda $45.

Various Tiles by Tyson Bodnarchuk $40 each



Shot by Aaron McConomy $80.

Family by Aaron McConomy $80.

Anthropology by Aaron McConomy $80.

Various by Sean Williams Dawson $40- $100.

As I mentioned earlier, we have a crap-load more but because of poor photo quality, the work sold before I got a chance to take a pic, etc, I wasn't able to post... yet. Feel free to come by HQ and check out more work by Aya Kakeda, Jen Storey, Gregory Ryan, Miss Agonie, Amber Albrect, Sarah Taylor, Rupert Bottenberg, Garrett van Winkle and Tyson Bodnarchuk.

There is also work on display that is not part of the current exhibition by artists like: Angie Mason, Jeffery Brown, Lisa Marie Godfrey, Stefan Harhay, Team Macho, The YPF, Mark Unterberger, Frederick Caron, Jon Burgerman, More Than A Friend, Peter Thompson, Jordan Awan, Carlos Santos, Jack Dylan, Nicoz and Chrissy Cheung.

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m said...

How can I get van Winkle´s "banana tree". I´m from Argentina but I really really like it!!
If there´s any way, let me know.