Friday, December 21, 2007

It's the Final Countdown....

The Original

What the song always reminds me of...sigh (CAUTION, this video was made to a remixed version of The Final Countdown, very annoying...)

I apologize in advance for getting that song in everyones head, lord knows my friend Jill will now be singing it on my answering machine and every time she enters a room. But the time has come my friends, Christmas is almost upon us. Tyson and I had it pretty easy this year, since we were back in Winnipeg in Oct. and managed to bring with us about 80% of our gifts for family (the most organized we've ever been, we swear).

For everyone else out there who is normal and who is looking for those last minute gifts this weekend, never fear, we are open from 11am-6pm tomorrow, and we are even open on Sunday this year! We're also open until 6pm on Christmas eve, for those professional procrastinators. Anyhoo, I already listed our hours in the previous post, what I really wanted to mention was some stock we just got in, which may work well for gifts.

1 - Books! We just got a few more titles from Topshelf, as well as MORE stuff from Little Otsu. The date books, address books and planners make great gifts. They're also printed on recycled paper with soy based inks, so they're enviro friendly as well, wonderful.

This book is a great gift for anyone you
know who is going on an amazing journey soon

2 - Handcarved leather wallets and belts from Broundoor. Marc has been working his tush off this year and has sent a few more new designs our way.

One of Marcs most popular wallet designs,
wonder why? So nice!

3 - Jewelry! We just got some absolutely amazing new designs from Roadkill (my favorite is the bow necklace, or was it the headphones, who can remember...) as well as some new hand embroidered rings from Recycled Rings, they are just stunning.

Gorgeous new rings with beading, embroidery and
hand tufting (it's tying a million little knots,
then trimming/brushing the threads into a
fluffy texture, kind of like a rug)

This is the headphone necklace,
is it wrong that I covet it?

4 - Owls, logs and scarves. I've been a busy girl this week, whipping up 4 logs out of the rest of my woodgrain fabric (that's right, no more logs before X-mas, but I've ordered more for later). I've also been on an owl hunt, finishing one last night (he's at the store right now) and 2 more tonight, which will be in the store Saturday morning. These ones are a little different though, I tried experimenting with rabbit fur from an old vintage coat, and I think they turned out great. I also put together a few handknit scarves hand appliqued with felt bows. Very chic in a fun kind of way. The black/cream and black/white ones look very Chanel-esque if I do say so myself. I'll try to take a pic tomorrow at the store and post it.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but it's dinner time, and I have a cute puppy sleeping on my lap, and I need to stop typing and start sewing. Mary, Tyson and I will all be at the store tomorrow, so stop by and say hi!

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