Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's that time of year again, all your friendly neighbourhood crafters are working their fingers to the bone,eating crappy meals and forgoing sleep in order to whip up fabulous Christmas presents for the rest of the world to snap up at the various craft/artisan sales going on around the city. Tyson and I are knee deep in craft sales this year, as well as keeping up with HQ, which is kind of a year round craft sale really.

I made another woodgrain owl for the Souk,
but he has green eyes, the blue eyed one is mine!

We've plowed through Ladyfest, PucesPOP, and Expozine (sadly missed the newest show A Flea Affair) and this weekend we are showing at the fabulous fifth edition of the Souk@SAT. I've been sewing my fingers off, and am happy to say that I've got a whole cabins worth of logs made, as well as the little stump pincushions, a new pincushion design using vintage embroidered ribbons, a small flock of owls, my vintage fabric bracelet purses from last year, as well as a slew of handmade necklaces using vintage bits and slices of branches from good old Manitoba.

The logs are back, in the above version
and also a new version with a brown/olive green bark

Stump pincushions, so cute!

Tyson has been painting like a madman as well, pumping out, well pumps. Handpainted vintage pumps that is (shoes people, shoes) as well as some handpainted vintage purses and his classic mini watercolour paintings.

Tysons mini watercolours

The Souk@SAT is a one of the major shows of the season (only being surpassed by the Salon des Métiers D'Arts), lasting 3 full, gloriously tiring days. All kidding aside though, this is one of our favorite shows, in a seriously stylish venue organized by a seriously stylish lady, who also happens to work as a stylist proper (Azamit, we love you!)

Here are the details:

souk @ sat ::: prise 5
vendredi/Friday 14 et samedi/Saturday 15 décembre ::: 12noon – 9pm
dimanche/Sunday 16 décembre ::: 12noon – 5pm

Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT)
1195 boulevard saint-laurent (entre rené-lévesque et sainte-catherine)
514 . 844 . 2033

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Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

See you there guys! I'll be passing by on Saturday! :)