Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wardrobe_Remix via Bits and Bobbins

Love this painting of Tricia done by Matt Cipov,
we have some of his work in our gallery, what a small world!

I know what you're thinking... "so what's that jumble of jargon as the head of this post? She's really lost me this time..."

Well, for those of you interested in STYLE (as opposed to just "fashion") I may possibly be about to blow your minds with the best Flickr group in the world. For those of you who don't spend mindless hours surfing the web all day, Flickr is a photosharing group, and Wardrobe_Remix is an amazing group I found that heralds the joys of creative dressing, all in a refreshingly positive online atmosphere (getting harder and harder to find).

Tricia is a thrifting queen,
a girl after my own heart

I found this group through a great blog I read called "Bits and Bobbins". Written by Trica Royal, a "San Francisco-based artist who lives with her brilliant, code-wrangling husband and three cats on top of a big giant hill. she can see the ocean from her back porch." (from her site)

Tricia studied art and history at the university of north florida, in jacksonville, and earned her BA in 2003. She interned for i.c.r. vs. dethkillers during the summer/fall of 2004.

Tricia is also a recent graduate of the parsons school of design, where she studied fashion design. She graduated from parsons in may of 2006.

Her site blog, Bits and Bobbins, is exceptionally well-written, thoughtful and inquisitive, a fresh take on the topic of dressing. Check her site out here and her blog here.

is brilliant because it's simple. Post pics of yourself in the clothing you wore that day, and share the love with others. People can comment, but Tricia has made it very clear that nasty comments will not be tolerated, basically "if you don't have anything nice to say...". Tricia has also added a few other rules to make the group as focused as possible, as anyone who has been part of other Flickr groups will know, they sometimes tend to veer off track. Heed the rules! They're part of what makes the group great, HEED THEM!!!!

Which is not to say that the comments are full of fluffy happy comments about every single outfit. If the folks ain't feeling it, they ain't feeling it, and comments are usually left fairly empty. Both ladies and gents are welcome to this group, and it serves as a refreshing inspiration for those of us bored/annoyed by "hot or not" lists in mainstream mags.

So I've joined the group, and am trying my best to keep up with posting pics. I've also decided to add a Friday feature to the HQ blog, the "Wardrobe_Remix Super Awesome Fabulous Dressers"... OK maybe that's a wee bit long. Let's just call it "HQ hearts WR", and I'll post a few of my weekly faves with links back to the remixers Flickr page so you all can explore to your hearts content. Sound good? Good.

So here we go, the first group of "HQ hearts WR"!

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