Friday, March 28, 2008

Anastasia Lomonova, Spring 08

This top is super soft and also comes in a dark grey/blue colour

I'm so excited to tell you we now have stock in from the Spring 08 Anastasia Lomonova collection. I was just telling a friend of mine how I'm just blown away by all our designers this season, everyone is knocking my socks off, all at once.

This skirt is also available in a charcoal grey.
A girl tried it on in the store yesterday and it looked amazing!

Anastasia is certainly no exception! Her latest collection is light and breezy, perfect for the hot weather that WILL come soon, really it's just around the corner...

This dress is my favorite piece in the collection.
It comes in this beautiful black/white floral, but also in solid colours

Her photoshoot itself is stunning as well. It reminds me of some sort of fairy tale mashup between Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, and Snow White. Between my trip to the Biodome and Insectarium a few weekends ago with some family friends (first time there!) and this photoshoot, I'm really ready for some leafy greens to enter my life!

Although you can't see clearly in this pic, the fabric of this dress is a
gorgeous cotton crochet/lace (fully lined so you will remain a lady)

As I mentioned in our"moving" post, Tyson will be dealing with the movers while I'm down at HQ on Saturday, so stop by and say hi and try on a couple of these new designs from miss Lomonova!

These drapy pants are so great for swooshing around in this summer,
we also have them in black

p.s. Wow, I just noticed this is my 500th blog post! Can somebody start paying me for this already!


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