Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moving Day is almost upon us....

No, not the store (now THAT would be a job and a half) but rather our apartment. We're moving this weekend, so we will only be open until 6pm this Friday. Saturday will be business as usual with me (Angie) taking care of the store for a change.

As I'm sure most of you know, moving is a big headache, but the saving grace is the fact that we're moving into a beautiful, old, charming apartment, and that we will no longer be living across the street from a strip club/biker bar. Oh and no junkies, we're pretty happy about that too! For all of you who know me personally, you will likely agree that all I've been able to talk about lately (besides log pillows) is decorating this new apartment. You see, decorating is my second love (after fashion), and sometimes it even jumps up to become my first love. I think they're pretty intertwined, what with the fabric, the colours, the textures, the balance (the obsessive blog reading), etc.

So hopefully I will be able to do some posts on the decorating developments in the new place. Maybe some of you will find it interesting, maybe some of you will just have to bear with me like my friends in "real life" currently have to.

For now however this is going to be a crazy weekend, but we'll try to keep everything at the store running as smoothly as possible. We've got TONS of new stock in (which I'm trying to catch up on blogging about, stay tuned) so hopefully the sun will come out this weekend and you all can stop by and try on some fun summer goodies.


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