Friday, March 07, 2008

A Big Welcome to Cathy Peng!

Contrary to the weather, I do believe spring is coming soon, and along with spring comes a whole slew of new artists and designers creating special and wonderful things for you and I to enjoy. We just got an amazing package of goodies from Toronto illustrator/designer Cathy Peng.

Originally from the prairies (edmonton and saskatoon) Cathy has been making cards, stationery, etc. since she was a young girl and always dreamed of running her own shop selling my products. Well, now she does, in the form of her wonderful Etsy shop,

Cathy studied fine art while in university (at McMaster), but didn't want to teach art so took a year off and worked and then went to college (Sheridan) for illustration. After graduating Cathy made the move to Toronto to get her illustration career going, (as many prairie folk such as Tyson and myself will know all to well, a move to "the big city" is often a necessary "evil"). The move turned out to be a good thing for Cathy, since she has been fortunate enough to illustrate children's books for the past 4 years, while also making her own things and selling them in various shops.

She started with cards & paintings, then got a buttonmaker and was able to make buttons and magnets. The next step was teaching herself how to silkscreen, at which point she started printing shirts and bags (and more, check out the cute kitty coin purses we have in the store!)

Cathy even had a brief stint at an interior design company about a year after she moved to Toronto, where she met her now husband. He changed her viewpoint about cats and since 2004 cats have dominated her art after she ended up adopting one... and then another.
Their two cats - Suki and Dex - have become immortalized on everything from paper goods, buttons, bags and clothing, and there are plans for many more things in the future.

A big welcome to Cathy!!

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