Tuesday, March 25, 2008

While we're on the subject of DIY...

I wanted to share this amazing DIY project with you all, which comes from none other than Queen Michelle of one of my favorite fashion blogs Kingdom of Style.

She's been hankering after some knee high gladiator sandals (much as I have been in my springtime daydreams) so she just went ahead and figured out a DIY version that is so indredibly versatile it just blows my mind. Behold the wonder that is DIY!

Here's what Michelle has to say about the creation of this amazing accessory, aptly dubbed "The Cage"


My idea was a very simple one - to turn my existing strappy gladiator style shoes into knee high versions should I so desire. So, I created a kind of 'cage' for the leg that consists of a big zip up the middle with sections of black elastic sewn on at intervals down the leg. That simple. The zip can be worn either at the front or the back and the effect is quite Alaia/Givenchy without the expense!

A very simple idea, but it's ability to transform all manner of my shoes is quite remarkable, especially as I have no shortage of shoes with which these 'cages' can go with. I also intend on adding little tassels on the end of the zips so they swish from side to side when I walk.

If the precision of the evenly placed strapping seems too hard, then taking the zip and the top and bottom sections of elastic as the foundation for your cage, you could then use thinner strapping in the centre part and criss-cross it randomly for something that's a little easier to create (no measuring required!). This would be equally effective.


"The Cage" is now easily on the top of my DIY list and will definitely be seen down at HQ this summer. Perhaps I will see a pair or two on some of our lovely customers?

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