Monday, March 31, 2008

Broundoor by Marc Simard

Around the same time that we opened HQ our friend Marc Simard began making these amazing handcarved belts and hand carved AND sewn wallets & cuffs. He was pretty new at this whole making/selling his work thing, but since we were friends he felt comfortable enough selling in our store, and knew we would tell him what was working and what wasn't. At the time Marc was also busting his butt along with a couple other friends of ours doing landscaping, which Tyson was also doing before we opened HQ.

Well, flash forward 2 years, and we're still selling Marcs awesome designs, but now he is working on his stuff full time, has expanded his range to include handmade leather purses, new wallet designs, earrings, belt buckles and probably something else that I'm forgetting that is equally awesome. Marc is also selling in a whole slew of stores now, and we're so happy that HQ was one of the first to support his work.

So this post goes out to Marc, all the hard work is worth it, and we are SO impressed by how your techniques have developed! (all self taught by the way, this guy knows how to work it out!)

I can easily picture Marcs designs worn in a classic, high quality, utilitarian way (which is what Marc is all about), but I can also SO easily ALSO picture his bags and belts worn by very fashion forward girls, mixed with light floral chiffon dresses, leather wedge sandals and loose summery messy hair. I don't think Marc intended them this way, but I think his items have a great vintage feel to them, kind of like those old tooled/carved leather purses that you can sometimes find in a thrift shop if you're super lucky. I think Marcs stuff would look great with any of these outfits from Fashion Toast (my friend Amandas fave fashion blog, check it out HERE). Now we just need that weather to go with the cali girl look....

So way to go Marc, I'm sure you're thoroughly embarassed by this post, and I'll hear about it this weekend at the vernissage!

See more of Marcs work



Victoire said...

We love Marc too!!

Anonymous said...

yay marc!!! the bags keep getting more and more awesome. how's a girl to choose just one?

Anonymous said...

whoah that first bag is so awesome!

good job marc!


Anonymous said...

I bought my husband one of Marc's belts for Christmas, and he wears it everyday. Yay!

K.Line said...

These bags are so beautiful. I love them. K