Thursday, March 27, 2008

Valerie Dumaine, Spring 08

I am in LOVE with this vest jumpsuit.
I just want to wear rompers all summer. Maybe I will...

We just received our spring stock from Montreal designer Valerie Dumaine. As usual her collection is absolutely gorgeous. To me her designs really sum up the idea of "effortless" style (the often flung about yet rarely explained term). Her dresses are often pretty but not in a "too girly" way, or sleek and sexy, but not in a trashy way. She manages to walk that line perfectly. Chalk up another successful season Valerie, you just keep getting better and better sweetheart! I can honestly say this is my absolute favorite Valerie Dumaine collection to date. There. I've said it. I'm officially gushing.

But here's the real question...

After looking at Valeries photoshoot, I suddenly want my bob to be bleached to a white blonde, is that weird?

I predict that this heather grey and acid yellow top is set to
become a summer staple in many a closet

You may recognize this gorgeous fabric from Valeries Fall 07 collection.
I'm so happy she's decided to continue this fabric, it is such great quality,
and really modernizes this feminine dress with just a HINT of metallic sheen.

These trousers are super hot and the jacket sweetens it up

This dress will be mine, that's a promise.
It also comes in a grey/black/white version (we have both at HQ),
but I'm in love with the above combo

I've fallen hard for the printed version of this dress,
but the plain white one is so crisp and cool, it's hard to resist

This dress is just stunning,
it also comes in a couple of solid colours


mocca said...

the striped and the lined dresses are soo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

holyyyyyyy crap! these are so cute!