Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Stuff from Roadkill

I popped into the store last night on my way to the hair salon. Wow. I'm in amazement. Tyson told me we got a lot of new stock in, but seriously, the ENTIRE STORE is full of new stuff! I'm going to try to do blog posts on everything over the next week or so, and hopefully I'll have time to do some fun photoshoots to highlight some of our new designers.

For now though check out this new bag design from Elaine Ho, the creator of Roadkill. Apparently Elaine is just as much of a packrat as me (although you'd never know it from her organized apartment!) and she's been keeping all the tiny scraps of fancy leather that is left over from making her various appliques purses and wallets. She was playing around in her studio one day and decided to make herself a denim bag adorned with TONS of these tiny scraps, cut into a kind of half circle and appliqued onto the denim to create and amazing fishscale look.

I saw Elaine carrying this purse at the Ladyfest Christmas Craft sale, and I believe I screamed at her "What the hell is that on your arm, it's AMAZING!!!!". So Elaine was kind enough to make a few more, and we have two down at HQ right now. One is a smaller size, and one is a nice jumbo size.

Elaine also dropped off some more of her signature applique purses with great new designs (robots anyone?) as well as some of her highly covetable antler necklaces.

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Winnie said...

Elaine is an amazingly creative and resourceful young designer, who insisted on handmaking everything with unique, lovely details and quality materials. Collectible items with lotsa character! Cheers!