Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Assembly - Indyish is at it again!

Yes, the fine folks at Indyish are at it again! For those of you not familiar with Indysish, it is a great group of people, with a website, who like to help you sell your handmade stuff/music/zines/etc. and who also organize great fun events, and are super smart when it comes to computer stuff. You can get more detailed info of course by checking out their site:

Their most recent project is called THE ASSEMBLY (love it!)
Here's what they have to say about it:

The idea is this: The Assembly starts February 10th when a song is given to writers to create short film scripts. These scripts are handed off to teams of filmmakers to shoot and edit. The finished films then go to musicians to create the soundtracks. Finally, the films are screened at Friendship Cove on March 10th with the musicians playing their soundtrack parts live.

The whole thing will take a month from start to finish and each stage is one week long. The timeline looks like this:

February 10-16: Scriptwriting
February 17-23: Filmmaking
February 24-March 2: Musicmaking
March 10: Screening at Friendship Cove

We're looking for people to do one stage of the project alone or in teams of any size. At the start of your team's section you'll receive the work of the step before you and at the end you'll pass your work off to the next team in line. Sort of like an assembly line (hence the name) or a relay race (hence the flyer).

It's gonna be really fun and has lots of potential for interesting collaborations and transformations. Who knows what someone will do with your script? How many different ways can you adapt someone's song?

Email Tessa if you'd like to take part and she'll set you up with all the right info. Also feel free to pass this along to friends who might be up for it.

Ok, thanks for reading!

Contact: Assembly Manager: Tessa Smith

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