Sunday, January 07, 2007

Make some Noise!

OK, it's kinda official ... according to the Mirror, we're noisemakers.

Based on the other amazing people/groups featured in this Thursdays edition, we're flattered and blushing from our inclusion. Our thanks to the Mirror for the kind article, and for mentioning the "pepper spray incident", that oughta get us some pity customers for sure ... ; )

All joking aside, we had a fun and busy Christmas and New Years, and have had tons of fun with this "store/gallery" thing since we've opened. A HUGE thanks to all the friends that have helped us out in one way or another, I know it's cliched, but in our case we REALLY could not have done it without you all. You don't realize how much your family does for you until they're in a different province, so thanks to our friends for stepping up and being our Montreal family!

Click on the "make some noise" header for the link to the article if you don't have the time or desire to pick up a copy of the Mirror yourself. But really, you should, because there are many more noisemakers that I'm sure you would probably like to read about.

Shall I write the word "noisemaker" again everyone? Kinda starts to lose all meaning after a few times....


OK, nope, still sounds great!

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Anonymous said...

Awww congrats guys! The article looks great!