Friday, January 19, 2007

Worn Fashion Journal Needs YOU!

Worn Fashion Journal is on the lookout for illustrators to do some pro-bono work for their wonderfully written stories. They're looking for people who can create images that are not only beautiful to look at, but also reflect the true construction of a garment. The illustration need not be "outfit on girl" such as the above image, many different concepts could work. Not an easy feat to mix reality with creativity, but I know there are some amazing illustrators out there who are up to the challenge. Of course you would get full credit in the journal for your work, so it's a nice way to get your work out there. Recognize!!!

There are basically 2 types of illustrations the journal needs:

1) Accompanyment to articles: This will be the major use of illustrations. Pretty self explanitory: these illustrators do drawings to go with articles. These illustrators usually get a copy of the article and go from there. What they are most in need of is illustrators interesting in doing reserch, so that clothing illustrations are historically accurate.

2)Fashion spreads: Where an entire fashion story is illustrated. Not as common, but go ahead, send them something that will blow them away!

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