Friday, January 19, 2007

Magic Bloody Magic

OK, a little fun before the weekend. This video has absolutely nothing to do with the store, other than Tyson is acting in it, and I did the "costumes".

We made this video with a group of our friens for a 48 hour film blitz about 2 years ago. Some of the actors recently involved with HQ are:

Main magician guy: James Kerr, one of the artists from our current exhibition
Thumbler: That's Tyson, believe it or not
Coinler: That's Fred Casia, one half of Pony of Prey, the guys that did all our business card, shop window, etc.
Scarvler: Um, that's Kev Simard ... his brother makes wrist cuffs and books for HQ.
Special effects: Mark Unterberger, he had a solo show at our gallery a few months back


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