Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tough Times, Tough Changes

I think I made a huge mistake! I booked an exhibition featuring Neil Doshi & James Kerr. Why is that a mistake, you ask? Well, it didn’t hit me as a mistake all at once. My first clue was when Neil came by the gallery a week or so after we decided to do “Tough Times, Tough Changes” at H.Q. He was taking measurements of the space, which seemed harmless enough. But when he started to ask me when the other occupants of the building, who live in the condos above the space, would be moving out so he could install holes into their suites for a fire pole. He also wanted to install a hug hole and a glory hole.

The next glaringly obvious sign of trouble was the brief write up James provided for me to post on this very blog. The following is a series of emails from James to myself:

Once written off by the mainstream European art press, Neil Doshi Basquiat and James Scorpion Dagger Kerr are back as the darlings of the art world with their controversial new show Tough Times/Tough Changes. Equal parts
Kafka's Metamorphosis and RuPaul's Red-hot, this show doesn't promise to re-invent the wheel, but, rather, the ground the wheel rolls on. Easily, up to now, the most important show in '07 at HQ -- if not the world.

Are you fucking serious?

Sorry, I forgot:

Never has anyone witnessed the magic of Doshi/Dagger like this. Let the conspiracy buffs begin, because humankind was never meant to create greater beauty than god-himself -- maybe that's why both are members of the Order of The Solar Temple and honoree Rosicrucian’s.


PS. I can write another if you'd like.
No, that’s more than enough!

Pretty bad, huh? Well that’s not even the worst of it! Check out the list of terms to be met and items for their trailer….

1. Large bowl of green M&M’s.
2. A stretch limo with hot tub.
3. An altar and lamb to be sacrificed to the Gods.
4. No one may look at Neil directly in the eyes.
5. A six Bald Eagle egg omelet. (Each).
6. One bathtub full of holy water.
7. James must always be addressed as “My Liege”
8. Ten 60-year-old virgins (male and female).
9. DVD of “Cadyshack”
10.A time machine.

I’m so screwed.

"Tough Times, Tough Changes"
A colab exhibition featuring new works by James Kerr & Neil Doshi.

opens this saturday, January 6, 2007 Be there between 6- 11pm.
1649 rue Amherst (Beri/UQAM metro)
Montreal, QC

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