Saturday, January 06, 2007

Deals-o-rama super sale!

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OK everyone, we've promised that we wouldn't do this all the time, so when we have a sale you know we're serious. It's really hard for these small designers to make it on their own, so we really don't like to have to mark stuff down, we want them to get a little coin for all the hard work they put into their collections!

That being said, even the designers know when it's time to blow stuff out and get ready for the coming spring season. So stop by HQ this weekend and check out our sale prices on designs from Soi Disant, Valerie Dumaine, MX Jeans tops and Namoda designs. The discounts range from 20%-40% off regular price! Time to pick up that top you've been eying since September!

Soi Disant


MX Jeans tops

Valerie Dumaine

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