Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A little sum sum for our wonderful designers...

Design*Sponge had a great little article about how to re-inspire yourself and get out of a rut when running your own small business. I thought this might be a much needed pick-me-up to all of the wonderful designers we work with at HQ. For all of you not chest deep in the fashion industry, this time of year is pretty hectic, getting all of the sales samples ready and sent to the sales reps in time for the trade shows, and for our even smaller designers, often selling their lines themselves. It's a tough time and pretty stressful, so if you have a friend/family member in this industry, do them a favour and pick them up something to eat, they're probably undernourished and over-exerted right now!

And to all you designers out there, keep up the great work everyone, don't be discouraged, you are not alone!

Click here for the article, and click on the "Design*Sponge" link above if you want to check out the amazing blog on design by New Yorker Grace Bonney.

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