Friday, January 12, 2007


So, Christmas is over and we're beginning to recieve a fresh stock of books. Most of you vultures cleared us out of some great titles. Well, now we have a mother load of new shit!

Be ready when the dead rise! And believe me, it's gonna happen. I dont want any of you jackasses banging on my door when the shit hits the fan! You've been warned!

Yes, we got a few copies of the YPF 2004 Yearbook. I think these may be the last ones!

Mercer Mayer. A fave!

This is one of my Favorite books. If you haven't read it yet, do it! Fine, be a douche.

Everyone freaks out when they see these in the store. "Oh my God!! I totaly had all of these when I was a kid!"

Ahh, Grover... will you ever win?

I cried when I read this. What? I'm human. I can do more pushups than you!

I hate hockey but I love this book.

What? Dogs in cars?! Thats hilarious!!

Nerds are fucking sexy!

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