Friday, December 15, 2006


Tyson and I met Lysanne Latulippe this past weekend at the Souk@SAT. We were totally impressed with her gorgeous sweater designs, and picked up her card. Then we were trying to figure out if HER name was Majolie as well, and I remember saying to Tyson "that would be a really beautiful name to have if it is her name!". Then we found out her real name, and damn it if it isn't even more gorgeous!

Lysannes designs are heavily influenced by her training in fine arts. She ends up looking at the sweater as a sort of painting, although instead of painting on a canvas, she kind of knits the canvas and art as one!

As you can see from the images, the detail in these sweaters is very precise, and although we love a good chunky handknitted sweater, these intricate designs cannot be created through traditional handknitting techniques, unless of course you have a crazy amount of patience, time and want to charge thousands of dollars for each sweater. Lysanne, definitely has a lot of patience, but instead of handknitting uses computer knitting machines, and instead brings the handcrafted feel to the garments through the many ideas she's come up with through years of traditional hand knitting. Lysanne produces all of these intricate designs on her own in her Montreal studio, which is an impressive feat in my books!

Majolie Fall Winter 2006 uses merino wool, mixing it with viscose to create warm, enveloping turtlenecks and sexy deep v necks. The patterns are inspired by traditional tweeds that are enlarged and deconstructed. Animals like horses and deers are either repeated all over or singly placed. Classi fall colours like browns, khaki, and greens are given a jolt of energy from limes, pinks and soft beiges.

HQ has stock in many of Lysannes sweater designs, as well as great toques and the cutest little coin purses that she makes out of her knit scraps. Waste not want not, as mother always says!


Raven said...

What's the price range? I've been eyeing these sweaters for awhile.

Angie & Tyson said...

the prices range from $105. to $190. We also have hats, toques and little coin purse as well.

Anonymous said...

ooooo those sweaters are awesome! i hope you still have some there for me to look at when i come! XO