Friday, August 15, 2008

Curse of the Multiples

The pencil massacre t-shirt for men

It's not often that we feature mens stuff on the blog, let's just blame Tyson for that and call it a day... seriously though, we have lots of great mens stuff in the store, and I need to start showing it on the blog more!

The pencil massacre t-shirt for women in a nice deep V-neck

"Crazy to work here" t-shirt for men

To kick things off, I wanted to show you all the new shirts we got from our friend Evan Melnyk. Evan is a wicked graphic designer, who is moving to London (yes, England) in September with his super smart girlfriend Caroline who will be going to school there. So what will Evan be doing while in jolly ol' England? Well, hopefully lots of graphic design and other fun british stuff (in reality, he will probably just spend time playing vids and drooling over awesome clothing... KIDDING!)

"Crazy to work here" t-shirt for women

Evan has had his artwork in a few of our group shows in the past, joined forces with the YPF for the Osheaga art installation this year, is part of the Parnell Collective, and has designed a few tees sold in HQ as well. This time he's picked some awesome heather and solid tees to print on, and has come up with two designs, printed on both mens and womens fits. I'm thinking that the "Crazy to Work Here" one will be wedging it's way into my closet very soon...because really, no matter where you're working, isn't it kind of always true some of the time?

Check out more of Evans work at:

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