Monday, August 04, 2008

IkeaHacker and my George Nelson inspired jewelry chest...

Not sure if any of you saw the post I did a few months back about the jewelry chest I made for the DesignSponge DIY contest. (check out the whole DIY sections on the site, it's awesome!) I ended up placing 4th, which was amazing, and Grace and a few of her commenters (and my friends Judy and Mike) suggested I send in the project to IkeaHacker, which is just what I did. They just posted the instructions on their site (click HERE)

(following text is from the site)
IkeaHacker is run by the crafty Jules, and came about pretty much by accident! In May of 2006, she did a google search on ikea hacks and saw that there were so many wonderful ideas floating in the www. She then thought "how great it would be if i could find them all in one place!"

3 seconds later.

A light bulb explodes in her brain and the rest, as they say, rolled out like swedish meatballs. it took her a few nights of sleepless html-ing but she's happy she did.

besides that, you may interested to know:

> jules is her alter-ego, named after the chair.

> ikea does not pay her to do this.

> She's single. When hauling ikea flatpacks up to her apartment, she wishes she had a man, any man. ;P

> She loves decorating and living with creativity.

> She loves red. and peanutbutter.

> She also loves books. Her all time favourite is tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom. She hopes to live with as much joy and grace. She's now working through why work is weird (jerry connor) and blink (malcolm gladwell). mind provoking stuff.

> travel is her other passion. last year she made a trip to australia's great ocean road. She can still smell the sea. Her companion of choice is the super-battery-saving canon powershot a70. She hopes to upgrade to an a95 soon, mainly because it has a flip out rotating lcd screen.

> and yeah, she's not all that good with the allen key. really.

If any of you lovely readers have used Ikea furniture in a way that was not vaguely illustrated in one of their instruction manuals, Jules would love to hear from you and share your hack experience. Shoot her an email at ikeahacker [at] gmail [dot] com.

In the meantime, have fun browsing through some of the other hacks on the site, there's some crafty and inspiring stuff in there! (I'm looking at you Kev and Marc!)


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