Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Montreal and Lucky magazine

Hooray for vintage wallpaper!

This months Lucky magazine focuses on Montreal in their "shopping trip" section (p. 150-153). Many of our lovely local shops got a little call out, including HQ! Here's what they had to say about us:

"In a city flush with creative types - from its independent music scene (The Stills, Arcade Fire and Chromeo, among others, are all based here) to its legions of designers - it makes sense that small collectives are a big business. This bilevel space is just another excellent repository for the areas talents: Handstencilled geometric T-shirts by Mauve Naif, slide-size paintings, and pinafore-like dresses by Valerie Dumaine are among the loot."

Atelier Woodenapples

The mag also gave shout outs to many friends of HQ, including Atelier Woodenapples, Usine 106U, Surface Jalouse, Lustre, Old Gold & Off the Hook. But in my opinion they left one GLARING omission: General 54! We told them to go down there and check it out, what gives Lucky?

Old Gold and Morales

We had the photoshoot for the mag a few months ago, but didn't know if we'd be included or not for sure, so goes the magazine world. We were so happy to be included, and I am so happy that we did wallpaper our back wall ages ago, it looks so good in the pic!

Boutique Lustre

So bring on the tourists, come support our local designers and our local shops. Also, a big congrats to all the other stores included in the write up, all the pics looked fab, so proud of our city!

Surface Jalouse and Usine 106U



Mizdragonfly said...

Félicitations! :)

Amanda said...

you're a star!!!

Victoire said...

I wish so bad that Lucky would do an Ottawa shops! Congrats to all of you, the pictures are all super great!

Pink Empire Studio said...

Wow! Angie, you look so pretty. Congrats! I had no idea this was happening. Even our La Chatte Bottee got a little mention in the Lustre section. I gotta get me a copy ASAP! *Carole