Friday, August 22, 2008

New Hats from Brixton!

That's right guys, we've just received new stock from your favorite hat company, Brixton. We received a bunch of new hats, and four are gone already, sorry for not posting earlier! We ordered some of the classic standbys in new winter tweeds as well as a few new styles to try out.

In addition to the hats, we also thought it would be nice to bulk up the mens section of the store with some jackets and flannel jacket shirts. The jackets are those perfect, simple, yet impossible to find ones that Tyson is always on the lookout for, but could never seem to find until now.

The flannel is classic fall skate gear, and it totally reminds me of cute boys and the beginning of the school year. Well, I don't have to head off to school anytime soon, but I'm still a sucker for cute skate guys (obviously...other than the beard Tyson is basically a 16yr old skater kid)

Not to leave the girls out, we also ordered this super cute hood/scarf thingie. I think it's a great piece to add to your winter layering if you like coats that don't have hoods, but sometimes want a little head coverage. The nice thing is that the hood part buttons off of the scarf, so you can wear it on its own if you want.

I say "not to leave the girls out" but we're finding that a LOT of girls are going for the guys hats, and I say if you can kill it, kill it. I'm POSITIVE there are a few HQ customers who could take this look and throw it all over the streets of our fair city. Check out for some great looks with hats. Blogger Beth Jones definitely has a penchant for hat wearing, and it's a great fashion site to boot! OR check out the photostream for this amazing Wardrobe Remixer boboniaa, her style is amazing and the girl knows how to work a hat! Check it out HERE.

boboniaa on the left and Beth on the right

above images from

I thought it would be nice to find some hat inspiration pics again like I did in my post this past spring, so courtesy of my friend "the internet" some style inspiration pics to get everyone in the mood for hats.

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