Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Secretary Blouses, the one and only!

Yana in a lace applique version, and Judy, modeling under the
beautiful light created by Michelle Storey for "The Lamp Show II"

Many of you who've been shopping at HQ from the beginning have probably seen the reworked blouses I do, which we've taken to calling "Secretary Blouses", seeing as they're made out of 80's, well, secretary blouses. I've had a hard time keeping them in stock at HQ, which is a good thing for me, but not so great for you shoppers!

Yana and Jill!

I've been posting them in my Etsy store and selling them to stylish girls from Australia to Texas, but what about the stylish Montreal girls?! Well, this post is here to tell you that I am working my tush off trying to get a whole slew of them made to fill up HQ, as well as a few other stores around the city. In the meantime Montrealers can check out the stock in my Etsy store and arrange for pickup at the store or for those in Ottawa pop in to Victoire boutique, I just gave them 5 brand new pieces in some lovely colours! Speaking of Victoire, the girls were just in town last week, and I gave them a few pieces of the black version of my fringe necklace, which we also have down at HQ.



Victoire said...

We love these blouses!! The black one I got from you ages ago is still a definite wardrobe staple of mine. And the new ones we got before the week-end are already selling fast!

Giana said...

These adorable secretary blouse are must have in every woman's closet.