Friday, August 29, 2008

Outfits of the Week: August 29/08

One of the things I've enjoyed since moving to Montreal from Winnipeg is that there is an actual fall season here. It seems that the weather is nice and warm right up to September in Winnipeg, then it gets cold really fast, and you're wading in snow drifts by the end of October. My fall fashion experimentation has thus greatly suffered.

Now that fall is on it's way and it's time to think about layering things up I've been totally into plaid fabrics, especially when they've been reinterpreted into more feminine pieces. Call it nouveau grunge if you like, but I think these plaid based outfits are some of my fave outfits I've ever done for the outfits of the week! I also want my friend Jill to wear the first one, and my friend Amanda to wear the second one (she's the one who suggested wearing the tunic top tucked in as a regular shirt, so versatile!). Throw on some tights, and you'd be ready for even colder weather. (as usual, click on the images for a bigger version...)

T-shirt by PinPals (Montreal), plaid dress by Hastings + Main (Vancouver), shell feather necklace by A Heart Apart (Toronto), vintage brocade belt with elastic, vintage leather colourblocked purse, vintage gold heart earrings, vintage basketweave oxfords (size 10 ladies!)

Cotton neck scarves by Kick It Fashions/Safe by Rebecca Turbow (New Orleans/Brooklyn), Necklace by Tilly D'Oro (Montreal), plaid tunic (worn as top) by Hastings + Main (Vancouver), satin weave nylon jacket by Valerie Dumaine (Montreal), denim bag with leather scales by Roadkill (Montreal), tweed shorts by Soi Disant (Montreal), handpainted vintage shoes by Tyson Bodnarchuk (Montreal), vintage white leather bracelet.


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