Monday, August 04, 2008

Send Our Compliments to the Kingdom!

I've written before about Kingdom of Style, and the amazing DIY gladiator sandals that Queen Michelle had devised, as well as including her in my post on the "fringe effect" that's come over me lately, but Kingdom of Style has another side to it, Queen Marie!

Having a much more whimsical, colourful style than the dark, edgy and drapy Queen Michelle, I noticed a teacup ring on Etsy that was SO Queen Marie and just had to e-mail her about it. She wrote back with her delight and thanks, and also mentioned that she wanted to do a "trolls in the Norwegian Wood" themed post this weekend, and include my log pillows, wonderful! So come the weekend Tyson and I peer into the site to see the post, and find a lovely post on Tysons handpainted shoes as well. What a great surprise, Tyson has entered the world of fashion blogging! Thanks again to Queen Marie for this great surprise, and keep up the wonderful posting both of you!

See Tysons post HERE, and the Norwegian Wood/troll post HERE

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