Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Osheaga that never ends...

Neils geodesic dome and James B.s little drummer cat

There's been a steady slew of photos of Osheaga on Facebook every since we all returned to the real world, why not post a few more... (click on images for a bigger version)

Setting up, another kitty by James B.

The sun finally came out, Evans umbrella man

Freddys dumpling guys, Iggy and the Stooges!

Gogol Bordello, Dessas racoon

Amanda, Spencer, Tyson and Marc in the Broundoor/Roadkill booth, James K.s crew

Neils pyramid, Tysons hippie couple

Freddy, Amanada and Tyson, Aarons totem pole

Tysons snake man, Freddy and Amanda and beer

Krissys boy, Neils structure

Emilys cat, Tyson and a guy that looks a lot like Spencer, but not quite

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joanne said...

those look awesome!! i still remember the ones from last year - and the guys who took some of them home