Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I think I've spoken before about how we're not huge fans of having big blowout sales at HQ... After all, the artists/designers don't work within the huge manufacturing system, and therefore are working within smaller profit margins to begin with, and don't really have room to make huge markdowns. So when we decide to do a sale, it's once a season only!

Anastasia Lomonova dresses, skirts and tops!
That being said, we understand that most people are not rolling in cash, so sometimes a sale is the only time you can afford to support a local designer. Whether you are able to buy indie designer items at full price throughout the year, or save your pennies for a sale day splurge, it's always satisfying to pick up something unique and independently made.

The highly coveted dress from Valerie Dumaine, we have 3 in stock,
1 small grey combo, 1 med. pink combo, and 1 med. yellow combo!

A few of our designers have decided to put some of their items on sale at around 20% off (give or take, depending on item and designer) so pop on in, try some stuff on, gaze at my handcrafted "solde" sign and get your hands on some good deals!

Cotton gauze dress by Haiku, on sale for $140, available in blue or purple,
so fresh and cool, but also great for layering...
ut a black and white striped 3/4 length t-shirt under this baby and call it a day!

A little tissue paper and pink card stock = poofy sale sign!

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Victoire said...

Props on the sale sign! I once had ambitions to do a whole window display of cupcakes with that technique, and I only got through one, it was taking too long! I am way too impatient to craft most of the time.