Friday, March 31, 2006

Getting to know... Cailan Burns

Cailan creates the kind of creatures we all dream about. Except in my dreams the creatures are my best friends helping me slash my way through hordes of flesh eating zombies! "LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!" KA-BOOM! "Phew! That was close, I shot it right between the eyes! Let's get out of here. Maybe we can find shelter in that Shopping Mall! No Zombies can get in there!"
Uhhhhh, sorry, I'm getting off topic.

Australian born artist living in Osaka, Japan.
Likes drawing, painting, making music and daydreaming about drawing,
painting and making music.
Graduated from Underdale art college in Adelaide, Australia in 1994
after four years of trying to be all conceptual and clever but ending
up drawing monsters, ghosts and furry creatures.
Since then he has worked as a freelance artist desperately trying to
avoid unemployment or dissappearing into a corporate k-hole.
He would describe his work as astral travelling with Dr Suess or like
eating mushrooms with an Ewok.

see his work at:

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