Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting to know... Team Macho

This past weekend Headquarters sent thier bravest and most totally cut and ripped representative to the big city.... Toronto, to see how the other half lives and meet "Team Macho". Who or what is Team Macho? Well, it's a 5 piece art colab from Toronto (duh), who produce some pretty kick ass art as well as the running of Tigerpress Books.

Members SIGN OFF!!
Lauchie Reid, present!
Chris Buchan, present!
Nicholas Aoki, present!
Jacob Whibley, present!
G. Stephen Appleby-Barr, present!

No matter what they do, having the name "Team Macho" already makes them way cooler than you. Although, I only met 4 out of 5 Machos, so the 5th may bring the rest of them down a notch if he's like a weird Euro-trashy, turtleneck wearing, interprative dance instructor or something.

If you want more info on Team Macho check out their friends store site:


Momunit said...

Tough is an attribute, but 'Macho' is a way of life!

Anonymous said...

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