Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Getting to know... Sorry You're Happy

So, we get a message from our friend Danijela telling us she has a clothing line with her friends called "Sorry You're Happy". And we're all, What the F?! Radical! And we were even more blown away when she sent us some pics (seen above, dummy) of some kick ass tops.

Sorry You’re Happy is a writer, a photographer and two illustrators. The proverbial frustrated artist-types, we looked for something to siphon our creativity energy—something that could be ours instead of our clients’. These tops were the result. At once old-fashioned and contemporary, our tops capture what it means to dress in a post-retro/ultra-modern world, if dressing today means anything at all. In any case, we love them.

Jacqui Oakley and Jen Hsieh, whose illustrations have appeared in Spin, Rolling Stone, Playgirl and Victoria’s Secret, among others, design the silkscreens. Danijela Pruginic, photographer (of such bands as the Junior Boys) and should-be fashion-designer created the patterns. Carolyn Veldstra, one of the stitchiest bitches in Southern Ontario, cursed every inch of hand-knit cuff.

Each top is the loving collaboration of the four of us: we salvage, we sew, we silkscreen and then we button it all together.

We’re sorry but you will be happy.

Please contact sorry_youre_happy@yahoo.ca

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Momunit said...

Danijela! Only Donkeys kick harder than you! And that's the truth...