Monday, March 13, 2006

Getting to know... Top Shelf Productions

So, we recieved our first shipment from Top Shelf Productions today. Let me tell you,it felt like Christmas opening that box. Except, I didn't have to buy anyone else anything and my uncle Gerald wasn't video taping the whole event.... to watch at next years Christmas family gathering..... Yipes! A single tear rolled down my cheek as I emptied the contents onto the table and I said a silent prayer to myself as I hugged and kissed each book.

If you have not heard of Top Shelf before, you're stupid. Thats why we're here for you at H.Q. To educate and enlighten. Top Shelf Productions was created by Bret Warnock and Chris Staros back in 1997. It is rumored that T.S.P. has published over 150 graphic novels and comic books to date. How many have you published? Thats what I thought...... BOW TO THEM, MORTAL!!!

Some of the artists and writers they publish are:
Max Estes, Jeffrey Brown (work pictured above), Renee French, Jeremy Tinder, James Kochalka, Dan James, Rick Smith, Scott Mills, Liz Prince, Nicholas Mahler and a whole lot more.

How would Top Shelf describe what they do? With the magic of cut and paste technology, I have taken this from thier website for you to read:

"We seek only the freshest creative talent, and strive to bring you books of the utmost quality. Intriguing and thoughtful. Witty and fun. Sexy and smart. Not content to simply appeal to elitist snobs, our readers come from of all walks of life.

This is not a boys club. Girls are most certainly welcome. No matter your tastes, there is something for everyone in our fine line of comics and illustration.

Ours are Comics for The People."

So, there you have it. If you are interested in checking out and learning more about Top Shelf visit thier website:

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Momunit said...

I've read some of Jeffrey Brown's comics in McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Issue 13 & I loved the simple complexities of his work... "Bone Thuggs 4 Life!"