Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kulte of Personality

With the help of my trusty "Time Machine", I'm back at the Souk @ Sat last December. Doot-de doo, just minding my own business.... BAM!! What the fuck was that?! It's the Moly Kulte collection! It's the kind of collection that if you were to see your best friends sister or brother in them you would suddenly notice how hot they were and that you dont really care about your friend anymore. All you want to do is make out and listen to Misfits records with their sibling. They make gorgeous clothing, accessories AND paintings! To give you a better idea, here's a statement from the designers that I ripped off of their website without asking (let's hope they are good sports about it..):

"The aim of the enterprise is to blend together experience, know-how, creativity and multidisciplinary talents to create a fresh approach to fashion and design. Directed by two young artists, Moly Kulte offers an original and exclusive range of clothing, with a collection made from 70% recycled garments. The clothes are unique and could even be perceived as works of art (some of them have actually made it to canvas). The company maintains in it’s own way an art of living, encompassing all artistic disciplines that inform each creation. In other words, at Moly Kulte, we dress you from head-to-toe whilst decorating the walls of our apartment!"

To see more stuff from Moly Kulte check out:
or their blog at:

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