Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Getting to know... Paul Zacharias

It is a known fact that all people from Winnipeg, Manitoba are beautiful. The men are burly, barrel chested hunks and the women are long legged, vixens with beautiful bird voices. And Paul is no exception. His home base is in Montreal now and we here at H.Q. are glad he's here. Paul will be taking part in Headquarters first group exhibition "Getting To Know You", running from July 8th until August 4th, 2006. He is also the first artist to have a solo show at H.Q. starting August 5th and running until August 31st, 2006. His art has been exhibited across Canada
and in the United States.
His new works are acrylic on wood, and can be read as
illustrations to The Book of Revelations, a vengeful
memoir or fairy tales to explain these times to our
children. Dont miss it as this show will go down in history as the handsomest show you've ever seen.


Momunit said...

Off to see the Wicked of Awse!

tohnjravolta said...

The wonderful Wicked of Awse?