Friday, March 31, 2006

Getting to Know...Belle Bazaar

Oh, living in is so lovely, it is so cultural, it is so French! Only in Montreal could someone come up with the name "Belle Bazaar" for their accessories collection. We love it!

Belle Bazaar is an adornment line created by Melissa Matos in the spring of 2005. With a passion for designing wearables, she decided to modestly launch the line to friends living in New York and Montreal, and is now available for international purchase. She uses both deconstructed vintage jewelry and handicrafts to create these original pieces. Each of the pieces are custom made. Not one is alike. She hopes you like that.

Melissa is currently finishing her BFA at Concordia University, in Montreal, Quebec, in a specialization in Fibres. Her work takes on an interdisciplinary approach, often working with installation, photography, print media, artist books, film, video and animation. On her spare time, she enjoys the fashion industry, collecting buttons, organizing her thoughts and planning graduate studies in London.
or by phone: 01.514.203.4778

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