Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Getting to know... Kelly Zarb

Headquarters is spreading its newborn fingers even wider, reaching all the way out to Melbourne Australia for our newest addition to the family!

Kelly Zarb is a 24yr old crafty chick from Melbourne trying to find her own little niche amongst some fantastic indie designers & artists internationally. She works as a visual merchandiser by trade, but was creatively stifled and became tired of making others happy and not herself, so she decided to create her own line of jewellery and other crafty goods. She is inspired by Japanese street culture, colour, pattern and the child within.

We're getting in a nice little shipment of these super cute Owl amulet necklaces she makes, in many different colours. Each necklace is handsewn and closes with a press stud/snap closure. Kelly has added some nice little beads to the metal chain, with each necklace having different beads, for a little bit of personalization. After all, everyone knows owls HATE getting caught in the same outfit as one another!

These owls are super cute, the things you could carry in them are pretty countless (keys, gum, interac card, love letters, a lock of your loved ones hair, your wisdom tooth that got yanked out...um... a picture of your dog....the list goes on) and the great colour combos Kelly comes up with are retro in a Marc Jacobsy modern way.

We should be getting them in a week or so, come check out the store and scoop one up for yourself.

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