Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Getting to know ...Mindan Gunther Moore

Sometimes we find a great designer, and we think we've done our job so well, but then we find out that this great designer has a friend who is also a great designer....and then we realize that our work will never be done, and that it is impossible to find EVERY good designer on our own. So in the end this is exactly how we found out about Mindan Gunther Moore, through the lovely Alexis from Fauna.

Mindan brings a little something different to our jewelry selection, a little something clean and modern. She believes that
it is important to adorn in a way that compliments the body as it exists on its own…to follow the lines of the human form with a classic, complimentary movement. So she looks to what exists around her, the curve of a neck, the discarded item or hidden treasure, the line that stands out to be noticed, to find inspiration for the privilege that it is to be a portion of the age old tradition of adorning one’s self..

Mindan’s designs are hand crafted sterling silver jewelry with attention to class and detail, creating a feeling of elegance and edge with an aim to protect and provoke simultaneously. Each piece is designed to transgress from casual to decadent with ease and to make the wearer feel comfortable and confident.

So if you're not into punky, girly or super retro jewelry, this is the stuff for you. Clean, modern, simple design that's definitely worth checking out.

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